V A Y E D A    B R O T H E R S



Size: 85 x 54.5 cm 

This is the story of a strong belief in spirituality, Magic & Black-Magic. It is always being a part of the Warli people. Strong belief in superstition gives support to grow devilry mind of the people who have study to control black magic. Black magicians use to give loss and create problems physically & mentally to the people they hate or envy. People who do black magic they think they can earn more power by doing this. Especially they try to target young girls & boys, pregnant women or newborn baby. All these things happen in the nights that’s why it’s all imaginary for people. When Dogs make strong noise in night Warli think some ghost is riding on that dog. Warli have the belief that there are some male persons have these black magic’s but some women’s have more strong powers of black magic compare to man. All black magicians have thought if they do this they can get more power. And peoples who have thinking that they are getting tortured by these black magicians they start searching many ways to find solutions by visiting many shamans and Tantric to solve problems of their life.