V A Y E D A    B R O T H E R S

Warli In Inawashiro / Japan [ Experience ]
Video By Ketsuya Okuma



 P  A  R  I  P  U  R  N  A        J  U  N  G  L E 

 100 X 170 .cm 

"परिपूर्ण जंगल" 

"alive heart inside deep mountain" is waking up slowly.

This deep forest and Bandai mountainis
watching everyone from the beginning and keep all the stories inside its heart jst like these Deep Forest and Mountain,  Let's find in our deep inside, in our-self how deep we came from inside and let's wake up our stories from our deep heart. 

चला पुन्हा सुरवात करूया 
{ Chala Punha Surwat Karuya }
It is fine to look back at the beginning again in our world. We came very far now explored the Universe. Touch our foot on the Moon, And now we had
dug a pit for our culture. Before we through our past into the pit.
"Let's look at the
beginning, and let's begin again".