Warli painting is one of the greatest contributions of the Warli people in their art. The Warli Tribe has It's own ancient and unique culture, customs and, traditional belief's which makes their art of mural painting, very unique and ancient as well. The tradition of painting the walls is still preserved by them just like their faith in their tradition. Today, Warli painting is famous worldwide and it has becomes an opportunity for a thriving profession for the Warli people.

Warli paintings not only descriptive but also express emotion vividly. Keeping this culture alive in this modern era is not easy task but there are people who are safeguarding it as their practice, while giving us a chance to travel back through 3000 years.

Our Journey of life began in a serene Warli village, neatly tucked within the folds of that land, where two cultures distinctly envisioned by imaginary borders, meet. We grew up basking in the nature-loving ways of warli tribe that we were born into, while being surrounded by beautiful lush jungles, mighty mountains and playful rivers, which gave us much fodder to ponder the mysterious ways of the universe.

 Welcome to the world of Warli 

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[ Warli Painting ]


  Recent / 2019  [ INDIA BY THE BAY -] 2019  In Collaboration with HK WALLS X MERAKI                        @ 26 Jervois Street near @kneadhkCafe / Hong Kong 

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Warli Tribe and its culture is believed to have originated in 2500 to 3000 BCE. They have their own optimistic beliefs, customs, traditions and life. Now some of them have also  adopted many Hindu beliefs in some. Warli customs and traditions are woved around Mother-Nature. Thus various gods are worshiped with farming as the major activity. The Warli have and display immense respect towards Mother-Nature, wild life and all natural resources.

Japan 2016 [ Wall Art Festival In Inawashiro ~ Prolouge]

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