One more very ancient story tale from warli the story of creation of the earth.
When God MAHADEV  has had a renewable nature of the formation of a new world again after destroy the entire cruel animals and Humans on the earth. In This Mural the center circle is the only land surrounded by the water on the earth & "Pandu" king who sail whole water earth and survive in the ship " TARU" made by waterguard vegitable for twenty four years floating on the water carring all seeds of forest and creatures inside Taru, in the hope of finding land to save life on the earth. after twenty four years later when ship touched land then king Pndu open the gate of the Taru and release all creatures and plant all seeds and grow forest again on the earth. & from that time we all have life and we are all alive on this mother earth.

V A Y E D A  B R O T H E R S

© Mayur & Tushar vayeda  All rights reserved  I  2014 -2019


[ story of the Earth after World's end ]

Painting / Mural / 2015      ( size: 3.30 X 3.30  . metres )

@ National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Culture

Organized by Ministry of Culture

Lucknow, India.

Lecture & Talk Talk .!
Students Of national Laboratory for conservation of cutural property ( NRLCCP ) Have great knowledge to preserve curural paintings and art works. We had talk session with them and lecture on warli and other India's Tribal Culture. We talk with them not only about preserving artwork but also there are communities of these Folkarts and that what now we have preserve for the next generation and their next generation . Need to think out of box and bring new ideas through their studies on preservation of art and culture as well.