V A Y E D A  B R O T H E R S

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This is tale is traveling from many generations. This is the story of a priest & a ghost who lives in Lake with his wife. This ghost and his wife was living inside of the lake surrounded by stones and  moss and many kinds of fishes and creatures. One day there is time come when ghost’s wife got pregnant and time comes to born baby. On that day even after long time efforts she can’t able to born baby out. Ghost tried all he can, he though now it’s difficult save her life. At that time one priest was passing from near that lake. Ghost thought now he can help him in this situation. With that that hope ghost came out from the lake catch that priest. Priest got very scared and confuse what to do now!
Ghost told him all story and ask him for the help. Priest agreed to help but request him to don’t kill me after all done. Ghost accept his request and take that priest into the lake without touching a single drop of water to priest’s body. Priest could able to help his wife to born baby and save life of his wife and baby. Ghost become very happy and take out that priest out from the lake & give him a package of ash. That as he can use to help people when they got any problems from ghosts, spirits or any black magician.




Painting/ collection

Paris / 2017

Size: 76 x 57 .cm