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  TUSHAR Vayeda
[ 1987 Born in Ganjad, India ]
EDUCATION : 2014,3D animation & multimedia .

               University of Mumbai (Arena acadamy )                   

MAYUR Vayeda [1992 Born in Ganjad, India]

EDUCATION : 2016 MMS in Marketing Management . University of Mumbai
                         2013 BMS in management studies. University of Mumbai

Our journey of life, began in a serene warli village, neatly tucked within the folds of that land, where two cultures distinctly envisioned by imaginary borders, meet. We grew up basking in the nature-loving ways of the warli tribe that we were born into, while being surrounded by beautiful lush jungles, mighty mountains and playful rivers, which gave us much fodder to ponder the mysterious ways of the universe.
We are brothers by blood, and as God would have it, we are also brothers in Spirit, bonded by our love for art and for life. Our parents sowed a powerful seed of education in our minds during our growing years, which has grown into a fruitful nourishing tree that continues to inspire us to sow that empowering seed in other seeking minds through our calling.

In our growing years, we spent most of our time walking in the jungles, slingshot in hand, mastering our aim and letting our imagination thrive amidst the fresh air of the wild. The Jungles, the Mountains, the Animals, Warli Tradition and Warli Culture inspired us to become Warli painting artists so we try to capture the pulsing beauty of this fine world, and share with you, the mystical wonders and the spontaneous fleeting moments of joy as well as sorrow, that life, in all its subtle intricacies, holds in loving treasure for all of us.
warli environment always help us to get our tribal art more closely, fuelled by our passion for its evocative designs that make still figures leap into life! We are now introducing that spit of vivid storytelling in our own warli paintings that we work on day in and day out, practicing this rich art together and sharing with this world our labours of love.

As a child, I was more likely to be found on the forest floor studying the miniature worlds of moss rather than gazing at the grand vista of an overlook. We find inspiration in the smallest of things- the way a shadow falls on the curve of a leaf.. a flower folding up when its bloom is spent.. the metamorphosis from fecund to decayed. The patterns and fractals of Nature fascinate me.
We enjoy painting/writing out these ethereal moments in time and space on canvas, and weaving them with stories and myths we grew up around and this space here, our dear friends, is our offering to the beautiful gift we are all endowed with- this bountiful life, on this wondrous earth.

Mayur Vayeda FB

2019  INDIA BY THE BAY -  In Collaboration with HK WALLS X MERAKI


2018 Tara Book Publishing / Warli Exhibition 2018
2018 ASCENDING ROOTS an exhibition of indigenous and urban contemporary artists ( Group Show) 
        OJAS ART at Gallery 1QA / Delhi.
2018Awashima Art Residence / Awashima Island, JAPAN
2018 INDE au Manior de la ville de Maerigny / Switzerland
2018 Pentures Warli de l’Inde / Espace d'art FL/ France 
2017 Mithila Museum -Residency Program.
2017 AGROS PROJECT / Live Painting workshop & Exhibition, Aomori Museum of Art. Aomori/ Japan.
2017 “SPRING OF THE ANCESTORS” Earth Art Project. Ladakh/India

2017COSMOS - GANGA : THE RIVER OF LIFE AND ETERNITY Special Exhibition: National Museum. New Delhi


         ( Showing Of art collection ) SALON DU PANTHÉON - PARIS - 3 AVRIL / 19 JUIN 2017

2017 [ CHILDHOOD MEMORIES ] National Tribal Art Conclave / Lalit Kala Acadamy / New Delhi, India

2016-17 “Him Vedic Project vol.3 with Indian Classic Dance & music” Rishikesh, India
2016 “Wall art Festival in Inawashiro Prologue” Fukushima, Japan
2016 " Srushti " Making of World, Rishikesh, India
2015 “kansarithe seed of life - Wall Art Festival Bihar, India
2015 "End is Beginning” Story of the beginning of the life after end of the earth” Lucknow, India
2015 " Instrument and sounds of Warli” - Dhrupad International Classical Music Institute Bhopal, India
2015 “PEACE INSIDE” Him Vedic Project , Tatiyana Village , Himachal, India

2015 Tribal Art Fair Dwarka, New Delhi , India 2015 Bhoomi Festival Maati MaaThe Festival of Living Soil, New Delhi, India.
2014 " BOHN " House Of Ant's & Life of Human, Rajasthan, India

2014 Edakkal Festival – Traditional Art and Craft Performance, Karla, India
2014 "CHAMAYAM-2" Art and Craft Performance, Karla, India
2014 Samvaad - A Tribal Conclave , /Group exhibition / Rajasthan , India

2014 HEMANTOTSAV – Tribal Art Demonstratoion and Live Painting show, Karla, India

2014 “Changing world from the earth” Earth Art Project, Ladakh, India

2013 Kriti-2 Cultural Festival / Madhya-Pradesh, India
2012 Kriti-1 Cultural Festival / Madhya-Pradesh, India 2010 National Art and Craft Workshop- International Museum Day, Karnataka, India 2009 Workshop on Warli Painting and Group Exhibition, Kerla.India

2016 “Lecture & Talk“ (on Connection Between warli tribe and snakes) Global Forest Meeting, Warli/India
2015 “Lecture & Talk” (on Preserving Tribal Art and Culture) with students of National Research Laboratory for conservation of Cultural Property.
2015 “Warli Painting teaching class” Billabong international school, Gujarat, India.
2015 “Warli Painting teaching class” Gujrat Public school, Gujarat, India.
2013 “Warli Culture & ART” LOST (for Women’s & Girl’s to preserve art of women) Teaching classes In Kasa, Maharashtra. India


Galerie Herve Perdriolle / Rue Gay Lussac, Paris. 
Tsomoriri collection / Wall Art Project, Japan. 
Mithila Museum, Japan.​

Ojas Art Gallery

Espace d'art FL / Château-Fort , Paris.


2016 “Ekta“(Report Book of Global Forest Meeting) By Wall Art Project. Cover Page circle Painting design.


Tushar Vayeda FB

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